athlete superior logistics

asl is a travel operator with sports in its dna

Our founder, Petrus Ravazzano, is an amateur athlete, entrepreneur, and experienced traveler with more than 36 countries visited. He is the creator of the #ASLstandard of care and customer service.

Inspired by his background and the values of sports, he has developed complete immersive experiences, as well as specific products and services for each audience.

ASL Experience: Sports training camps for amateur athletes in some of the most stunning settings on the planet, such as Mallorca, Girona, and Colombia. These are divided into groups, with full support from our highly specialized staff.

Ironman and Ironman 70.3: Group trips for triathlon events around the world, like Cozumel, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and others, always with the support of our team.

Logistics #ASLstandard: For sports delegations during trips and competitions, including Olympic teams, foreign delegations, major clubs like Pinheiros, and standout athletes in their disciplines.

Leisure Immersions: Family/group trips for all preferences, from beach to snow, with a special partnership with Club Med, being one of the few Club Med Expert agencies in Brazil.

Events by ASL: Our branch focused on organizing corporate/business and social/ wedding events, in partnership with Club Med and Chez Bisutti.

And ASL Social, which we created from the dream of democratizing opportunities and providing #ASLstandard sports experiences to economically disadvantaged athletes.

this isn’t a group.
this is a dream team.

    Petrus Ravazzano

    Founder & CEO

  • nickname:: Petrus
  • countries visited:: 36
  • favorite destination: Hawaii
  • sport:: Triathlon (Sprint to Ironman)

    Fernanda Brandão

    Product Manager/CX

  • nickname:: Fê
  • countries visited:: 17
  • favorite destination: Turks & Caicos
  • sport:: Corrida de rua e natação

    Nathalia Freitas

    Sales - Corporate

  • nickname:: Nat
  • countries visited:: 10
  • favorite destination: Austrália
  • sport:: Musculação e iniciante na corrida de rua

    Letícia de Oliveira

    Groups - ASL Experience

  • nickname:: Lê
  • countries visited:: 3
  • favorite destination: Punta del Este
  • sport:: Ciclismo de estrada e corrida

    Laura Policastro

    Latin America Sales - Club Med Expert

  • nickname:: Poli
  • countries visited:: 32
  • favorite destination: Itália
  • sport:: Caiaque

    Bruna Dias

    Sports Marketing Specialist

  • nickname:: Bru
  • countries visited:: 9
  • favorite destination: Helsinki, Finlândia
  • sport:: Tênis e corrida

    Bruna Catizane


  • nickname:: Bruninha
  • favorite destination: Natal
  • sport:: Vôlei

    Gabriela Leite

  • nickname:: Gabi
  • countries visited:: 27
  • favorite destination: NY
  • sport:: Corrida de rua

    Maria Clara Castro

  • specialization:: Parceira do Petrus desde o início da ASL, Maria Clara Castro, a Clarinha, foi uma das protagonistas do projeto olímpico. Maratonista amadora com desempenho profissional e ex-nadadora nos USA, tinha o sonho de projetar a ASL no cenário internacional. E conseguiu! Atualmente, participa como amiga, conselheira e grande torcedora da ASL.