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Peloton pelo Mundo was another ASL project that became an instant hit. A training camp for cyclists and triathletes who, more than training, want to make it a complete experience: touristic, gastronomic, pioneering and luxurious. And without having to worry about any details.

The first projects, Mallorca and Girona, launched in 2018, were an absolute success based participant critiques, with disputed vacancies and the best feedback from those who had the privilege of being there throughout 2019.

Stunning landscapes, breathtaking views, beaches in the deepest shades of blue, historic villages, typical cuisine and upscale lodging. And, of course, the intense training routine closely monitored by the best in the world, to ensure that dose of endorphins that can never be absent, neither for us nor for our athletic clients.

And now that we have increased our expertise in luxury training camps, we are introducing more Peloton Worldwide 2020 projects that are even more special. Like all that is exclusive, the vacancies are limited. If you already accelerate in your training, do the same to ensure your spot.

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